Full E Squared Finals with Video

Full E Squared Finals with Video

Career Partners, Inc. is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 E Squared Competition. In the midst of our 12th year of E Squared, we had to shift our competition, from a school-based semester long program, to an online virtual method of learning and presenting.

With the commitment of our students, teachers, coaches and judges, we have been able to create a structure and format that allowed our students to compete in accordance with directives by the Governor of Virginia and the Virginia Department of Education.  All communications, collaborations and meetings, since March 12, 2020, have been accomplished via remote access.


Unlike prior years, teams, teachers and their coaches met solely online and all judging for the preliminary and finals’ competitions took place online. On May 7, 2020 six teams participated in a live event, with our judges, which included a pre-recorded oral presentation by the students as well as a live electronic question and answer period. We are proud of all members of the ten teams that chose to continue with the competition after schools were closed.  Their commitment and hard work is not only commendable, but will serve them well in future endeavors. We are pleased to announce the winning team, ParaProtect,  from Culpeper County High School, coached by George Dasher and Dan Carlton and taught by Beth Lane. Congratulations to the ParaProtect team members - Sydney Bowyer, Nyah Hackett, Andrew Rogers and Christine Williams. 

In addition, we are pleased to announce the winners of the Bob Jebson Award given to students who show exceptional leadership, possess integrity and are most likely to succeed in business. The winners of this award are Nicholas Anderson, Sydney Bowyer, Amber Byies, Lily Galvin, Riley Harrison, Saif Mohsin, Osmond Reindorf Malm, Edwin Rodriguez, Abigail Stern.

We invite you to watch this year’s finals’ competition.